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When part of your pool breaks or you find yourself with a leaking pool pump or cracked pool tile, don’t panic! We have a team of experienced experts at Sunarch Pool Care Specialists who would be happy to help you with any kind of residential and commercial pool repairs—big or small.

Whether you need your saltwater pool’s chlorinator cell fixed or your sand filter replaced, you can count on us to assist with both one-time commercial pool repairs and ongoing commercial pool maintenance. We also offer pool cleaning, spa health checks, green pool recovery services, and more.

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Trusted Commercial Pool Repairs

At Sunarch Pool Care Specialists, our experienced, family-run team is proud to offer a wide selection of pool and spa maintenance services across the Mornington Peninsula. If you own a commercial pool that is exhibiting signs of a problem, don’t hesitate to contact us for prompt assistance. We can help with anything from a leaking pool pump to a broken filter.

In addition to repairing and/or replacing pool parts, we can also diagnose issues with water chemistry or algae growth. If you find yourself with a green pool, don’t panic—we can clear up a green pool in no time and prevent the issue from happening again. From upgrading filters and changing liners to replacing broken lighting and chipped tiles, we are here for all of your commercial pool repair and commercial pool maintenance needs.

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Pool Services Tailored to Your Needs

With over 20 years of pool care industry experience, our Sunarch technicians take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial pools. Looking for customised services designed just for your pool or spa? Not to worry—our skilled and knowledgeable team is here to help!

In addition to our individualised commercial pool repair services, we also provide personalised pool equipment installations in case you want to upgrade specific parts. Our catalogue of must-have spa and pool products allows us to offer quotes for either services plus parts or just services. Contact us today to learn more about our dependable pool repairs in the Mornington Peninsula.

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Budget-Friendly Prices

Need help with a broken solar panel in your pool? Looking for someone who can replace cracked pool tiles or broken filters? Wishing you could find professionals to diagnose and address complex commercial pool repairs? Regardless of your exact situation, you can trust Sunarch Pool Care Specialists to manage all of your commercial and residential pool repairs.

Not only are we responsive and prompt in our repair services, but we are also efficient and thorough to save you from unnecessary costs. From help with routine pool maintenance to acute commercial pool repairs, we are committed to keeping our prices affordable and competitive. Serving clients from Skye and the surrounding areas, we would be happy to provide you with a quote for your pool or spa repairs right away.

Commercial Pool Repairs You Can Trust

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Need commercial pool repairs? Just say the word!

  1. Sunarch Pool Care Specialists are proud to serve residential and commercial clients across the Mornington Peninsula. If you need help with commercial pool repairs, cleaning, equipment installation, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to call, email, or fill out our consultation form to get started.
  2. Whether you need one-time pool repairs or ongoing pool maintenance, we can provide both labour and parts or just labour, according to your needs. During our phone consultation, we can discuss our full range of services and products with you.
  3. During our conversation, we will gather the information we need to create a personalised quote for your commercial pool repair services. Then, our team members will set up a convenient time to come out to diagnose and repair your pool. We can also perform in-depth water testing at your request.

Commercial Pool Solutions

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Our seasoned technicians have over 20 years of relevant industry experience
  • We serve clients all the way from Frankston and the surrounding areas
  • Founded in 2017, we are a local, family-owned and operated business
  • Our pool and spa care technicians are known for our integrity and professionalism

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Are you worried about the water quality in your commercial pool? Have you had customers complain that the water is too cold? Did you notice that there are chipped or cracked tiles affecting the appearance of your pool? Whatever the case may be, don’t put off your commercial pool maintenance any longer. Get in touch with our Sunarch team today for immediate assistance with commercial pool repairs. We can help you with everything from broken pool pumps to damaged sand filters and faulty salt chlorinator cells. Along with our pool repair services, we can also supply you with any essential parts you may need replaced, such as pool rollers, chlorinators, and heat pumps.

Commercial Pool Cleaning

The more frequently your pool is used, the more often it will require cleaning. Commercial pools vary in how often they need to servicing, but there is no question that it is essential to keep your pool clean to ensure the safety of all of your guests and customers. For professional pool cleaning services, there is no better choice than Sunarch. We handle everything, from performing onsite water analysis and chemical balance checks to vacuuming every inch of your pool. We can also backwash sand filters and hose cartridge filters, clean salt chlorinator cells, and clean out skimmers and pump baskets.

Commercial Pool Repair

There’s nothing worse than realising that there is a problem with your pool, especially when you have countless customers or guests who are ready for a swim. If you run into a problem with your commercial pool, don’t worry—our specialists at Sunarch would be happy to help. From repairing spa tiles and inspecting pool pumps to fixing leaks and replacing filters, we can help you get your pool fully operational again in no time. Our ongoing commercial pool maintenance services include checking your pool pump, filter, and chlorinator cell for leaks to help prevent issues, but if you run into an acute problem, we can come out quickly to diagnose and resolve any repair needs that may arise.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

There is a lot of work that goes into keeping a commercial pool looking its best and working at an optimal level. Luckily, you can trust our professional pool care team to take care of all your commercial pool maintenance needs. We offer one-time services as well as ongoing maintenance and commercial pool cleaning, depending on your needs. As a local, family-owned team, we care about making sure that you don’t just get the best possible pool servicing; we also want you to have a positive customer service experience from start to finish. Find out more about our top-rated pool care services for residential and commercial pools today.

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  • With over 2 decades of pool care experience, our family-led team is very knowledgeable
  • Since 2017, we have been serving clients in suburbs across the Mornington Peninsula
  • Our services include commercial pool repairs, spa health checks, and pool cleaning
  • We are dedicated to upholding core values like integrity, affordability, and dependability

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Affordable Commercial Pool Repairs in the Mornington Peninsula

Whether you are located in Karingal, Shoreham, Blairgowrie, Mount Eliza, or another suburb in the Mornington Peninsula area, you can always count on Sunarch Pool Care Specialists to provide trusted pool and spa servicing solutions. If you own a commercial pool that has broken tiles or outdated filters, don’t panic! We can schedule a time to come out and assist you with acute repairs or routine commercial pool maintenance at your convenience. In addition to one-time pool repairs, we can also set up recurrent pool or spa servicing to prevent issues before they occur. We are also known for our affordable spa and pool cleaning services to provide a pristine swimming space that your guests or customers are sure to love.